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«Lifetime membership? A single fee to access every service proposed by TBS Alumni!»
P. Hurstel
When you pay the single fee for lifetime membership you enhance your employability
and you can take advantage of all the
offered by TBS Alumni :
  • Efficient referrals and exclusive connections between Alumni TBS : finding a coach, an expert consultant, support for entrepreneurial activities, etc. has never been easier with your association !
  • Access with preferential rates to events organized by TBS Alumni and our great team of volunteers all over the world
  • The paper version of the magazine La Tribu
  • Directory of graduates : this tool allows you to identify suitable profiles, enhance your visibility and be referenced according to your skill sets : expert consultant, volunteer, elected member, etc.
  • Premium employment offers (posted by alumni)
  • Products from the Alumni Boutique.
The directory is ultra protected,
as is your data!
Preferential rates are proposed
to fully paid-up members
by our partner coaches (employability assistance, entrepreneurial support)
Becoming a lifetime fully paid-up member of TBS Alumni means :
  • Avoiding having to think about renewing annual membership fees
  • Participating in the momentum of the network
  • Reinforcing the close ties between our alumni
  • Contributing to the continued success of our association’s values :
Solidarity, Humanity, Momentum, Independence
the Fondation
for all
graduate years
up to
open donation with tax rebate
  • "Paying a contribution has always seemed obvious to me"
    In my role as volunteer for the Association and Leader of a Chapter, it has always seemed obvious to me to make a (modest) contribution to the work of the dedicated team led by Cathy who have always provided unfailing support when organizing events, helping young graduates who leave to work abroad...
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  • "These ties are a truly virtuous circle"
    Since I graduated in 2007, I have remained close to TBS and TBS Alumni because the ties are a true virtuous circle that become a bond and are nurtured by the act of contributing: I increase my network, hence my professional opportunities, I meet Alumni and students who enrich my life through their...
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  • "It's a great idea"
    The association is gaining in impetus and vivacity within both the national and international networks and that is very good news. This is the result of the dedication of its President, together with the past, present and planned efforts by the permanent staff, especially Cathy, whose faith and...
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  • "The quality of a network and it’s Alumni"
    I have done just about everything in TBS Alumni : from editorial missions and coordination of the editorial committee for the magazine, directory updating, animating chapters, and much more. Today, in my capacity as Vice-President, I am proud to be able to participate more closely in the strategic...
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  • "A quality network"
    I have done just about everything in TBS Alumni : from editorial missions and coordination of the editorial committee for the magazine, directory updating, animating chapters, and much more. Today, in my capacity as Vice-President, I am proud to be able to participate more closely in the strategic...
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  • "Making my contribution"
    I have been Community Manager at TBS Alumni, and I have paid my membership fees since I joined the MS Program in 2013. The first time it allowed me a reduction on the program fees. I then continued during the time I did voluntary work, and when I as a member of staff. Over and above the access to...
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  • "An excellent stepforward"
    TBS Alumni is the logical next step after graduation and the graduates' association is an integral part of the success of an elite higher education establishment. Life membership fees will allow more students to join the network without the feeling of having to pay “more” each year while the...
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  • Is the membership fee applicable to all TBS graduates?
    Yes, the lifetime membership fee is applicable to all graduates from every degree course at TBS: from the Bachelor to MBA, including the Master in Management Program, specialized Masters degrees and Executive Education programs.
    Can I pay in several instalments?
    For more information, please contact us directly at
    Which payment methods apply ?
    • Secure online payment
    • By post : Please make your cheque payable to Toulouse Business School Alumni and include your contact details (graduation year, email, postal address) and send to Toulouse Business School Alumni, 20 bis Bld Lascrosses, BP 7010, 31068 Toulouse Cedex 7.
    • Pop into our office and we can make acquaintance!
    Why does the association need membership fees?
    TBS Alumni is a non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901, and this means that it is financed in part through membership fees. Other financial resources include partnership fees, and in some cases, paying events).
    By paying your membership fees you participate in the momentum of your association, help strengthen the close links between alumni and embody the values of TBS Alumni: Solidarity, Humanity, Momentum, Independence.
    These values are conveyed through the actions led by active volunteers all over the world and can only subsist with your help by financing the services and activities that we wish to continue offering.
    What is the added value when I am already on Facebook and LinkedIn?
    It is worth avoiding the confusion between a social network which takes on form through the software quoted, and « physical social communities ». They may share some areas of mutual benefit but not entirely. The strength of our bonds created during our studies, sharing of common values and common themes enhance the links and create career and meeting opportunities, amongst others. The sense of belonging and the pride felt as part of TBS community are at the heart of the project at TBS Alumni.
    What if I choose to show loyalty to my School through continuous financial support?
    It is possible to show continued loyalty to your School by becoming a donator. Since it was founded, under the aegis of the French Foundation, the Toulouse Business School Foundation has continued to create, without respite, an increasing number of pedagogical preferred partnerships, teaching and research chairs, and allocate scholarships based on educational merit or social parameters. It is therefore possible if you wish to invest energy, skills and funds in this Foundation, thereby participating in the emergence of a great International Business School.

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